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Cassidy Cover Statement

It has been brought to our attention that there are a variety of allegations against one of our cover stars, Cassidy. We want to stress that we were unaware of these allegations at the time of going to print, and when we decided to work with her last year. We apologise for missing this when doing our research, and have found the past couple of days nothing short of devastating.

We were made aware on Thursday morning of these allegations by a former contributor. This was the day we decided to cancel our planned launch of the issue at the Tate Modern. We reached out to Cassidy for a statement that day, and have been trying to figure out the best course of action since then. We spent months working on and putting this issue together, as have our contributors, so to have all this happen at once has been crushing.

We have decided to stop the sale of Cassidy’s cover through our website. Anybody who has bought a copy already can contact us for a refund, or choose to have their money donated to Women Against Rape. We are speaking to our distributor about recalling all our stockist’s copies. We are also working on a digital download of the issue with Cassidy’s shoot and interview removed, which can be purchased for half the price of the print issue. More details on that will follow.

Our community are everything to us - they are the reason why we make this magazine. We are a small team of four people, who all work full time jobs to be able to make Sister a reality. Financially, this will be a huge blow to us as we barely cover the costs of making a print magazine. However, the last thing we want is to upset or offend the community we have spent six years building. We wanted to give sex workers a face and voice by working with Cassidy - we apologise if this has come across in a different light. If you have any questions, want to speak to us about this further or wish to read Cassidy’s statement, you can email or contact us via any of our social media platforms. We are always listening and learning.

You can read Cassidy’s statement sent to us here. She has also said that she’s happy to be contacted directly. 

'I think it's time to be brave and stand up'


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