For Now

I wrote this prose the night we found out about the stricter lockdown.  It seems so long ago now and even though it will never be our normal it is not as scary as it first felt when we watched Boris on the television that night. 

For now
Cease autopilot handshakes and cuddles
No sofa snuggling with grandmas and mothers
Real sisters and chosen brothers
Be sure to tally up the embraces that you missed
So that when a safer time comes
Knocking on all of our doors
And you rear your head 
Relieved that it’s over
You remember whose arms you wished you had been wrapped up in
In the times that you couldn't
For now 
Pour a glass of red 
At home
Turn up the music
The music that makes your soul play in the depths of its rhythm
Get lost in it
Let time go by
And find joy in dancing this dance at this time
Knowing you have the beauty of friendship
And they have the beauty of you
To dance nights until dawn with
Veins filled with joy and gin
Many, many more nights
But for now 
Dance alone



For now 
Run in the woods and the open spaces
Breathe in the air
Bathe in distant exchanges with dogs and their walkers
Politely shooting the breeze
Acknowledging with a smile
How strange and scary this has all become
With reassuring eyes
Be sure to smile
The gym will be waiting for you 
When the world is ready to return
But for now 
Run in the woods
For now could last for a little longer than now
But it will end as all things do
And we will look back at the time
We went without each other
But how in the same breath 
We spent time coming back 
Strengthening the bind
Connecting us all
In this unprecedented tale of humanity

Written by Sophie Ellis Lloyd

Photography by Ethan Weatherby

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