The Best Of 2017

2017 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Most years are I guess, but it certainly feels as though there have been plenty more lows than highs. However, I want this to be a positive, upbeat reflection – we’re saving all the other stuff for our upcoming The Sad Issue (out in February, so watch this space).

Below, we recap on what’s been our first proper year of publishing digital content online, and some of the amazing people we’ve met. Our website turns one year old in March, which seems pretty insane that we managed to get this far, in this climate without one. Cheers to us, cheers to all our contributors, and cheers to many more years of female focussed content, in print and online.

First up, Ianthe Jacob opened up about wearing no knickers, and her love of going commando.

We spoke to the founder of London’s coolest hair salon, Sophia Hilton.

 Lucy Vincent reminisced about getting fired from her post university burger job for stealing a beer, and the lessons she learnt because of it.

Photographer Francesca Stuart Jones showed us what girls do (or what they think they should do).

 Photographer Adeola Aji got us seeing candy pastels in this dreamy series.

 We caught up with Jenna Young, the founder of This Is The Uniform, about starting a clothing label in London.

Olivia Alexander captured the underground night life and bubbling drag culture of London.

We spoke to Manchester based tattooist Harriet Heath about why she’s covering people’s Brand New lyrics, following the sexual assault allegations against lead singer Jesse Lacey.

We went nightclubbing with photographer Desiree Cromona and model Angelina Jesson.

 We spoke to illustrator Venus Libido about drawing dicks in blenders.

 Photographer Isabella Dias encouraged us to tune into our female energy.

And finally, we took over a laundry room and released two sets of t-shirts in collaboration with Hatti Rex and Everpress. More coming next year!

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