Black Honey

Vanja Stojanovic gives us the lowdown on the Brighton four piece's 27/03 Village Underground show.

Izzy and the lads make their way on stage to join a rowdy, sold out Village Underground, full of excited fans holding their Coca Cola aesthetic ‘Black Honey’ cups and cans of Estrella. The spotlight reflects the lead singers sassy pink sequinned top as they open with their 2015 single ‘Madonna’. It was clear from the get-go that this Brighton band are very popular in London. A mosh pit has already appeared which takes up half of the venue. Izzy looks amazed by the buzz and warns the crowd to “Be careful out there!”

The place is small and lit up by the big golden lights that spell out ‘Black Honey’ and the vocals and acoustics absorb every corner of this Shoreditch venue. Izzy is channelling her ‘Lana Del Ray in a rock band’ vibe, making the crowd go completely berserk when the opening of ‘All My Pride’ begins, the first single off of their 2015 EP ‘Headspin’. The energy is chaotic and everyone in the room screams together in an intimate sing-a-long.

The energy begins to change when they play their new song ‘Cadillac’ but the turning point of the gig hits when Izzy asks everyone to get on the floor while she slowly sings the lyrics “Hold me tight, sway me slowly” from their unreleased song ‘Mothership’. Everyone from the stage to the back of the venue has kneeled down far enough to smell the sticky Estrella drenched floor. Once the chorus strikes, the crowd are back on their feet to dive straight into one of their first ever singles ‘Spinning Wheel’. The red lighting has transitioned into a purple haze and Izzy belts her signature scream. Her voice is outstanding and the band sound just as amazing live as they do on record.

The band make it very clear throughout the night how much this sold out, London gig means to them. Izzy repeats, “We’ve come a long way. We love you London. We fucking love you London”. Their interaction on stage during the hit songs encourages the fans to dance crazier than they already have been. Izzy is a confident and charismatic front-woman who the crowd swoon over. The lights turn green as the gig is coming to an end, the Village Underground is silent and the lyrics ‘Corrine come back to me…’ fill the room. They've successfully embraced the hot sandy American, western vibe that their music videos channel, through ‘Corrine’ and their 2016 single ‘Hello Today’. This was a short set, but an intimate and charming one to say the least.

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