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A lot of young people don't vote. There's numerous reasons for this, I didn't vote the first time I was legally allowed to because I was in my second year of University and my most pressing issue was whether you could use an alcoholic drink as a mixer for another alcoholic drink and I couldn't find a comment on that in any of the parties manifesto's. A lot of young people don't vote because they feel it doesn't affect them or that all politicians are the same or they simply just don't give a fuck.

I know lots of great people who won't vote because they say they don't want to give credence to a political system they see as broken and oppressive. That's a way of thinking I can fully sympathise with, but the problem is that not many people think like that, and whether you like it or not on the morning of the 9th of June you will wake up with either a Tory Government or a Labour Government, that is an unescapable fact.

Last time I voted it was a reluctant Labour vote. That doesn't mean I support the Iraq war and the party's imperialist history, it doesn't mean I support neo-liberalism and it doesn't mean I support the current political system. It means I understand the damage the Tories do to the most vulnerable whilst handing tax breaks to their rich mates.

People say you shouldn't vote for the lesser of two evils, but you fucking should. If evil and slightly less evil are your only options, then just walking away from the whole affair is a tacit vote for the morer of two evils. (Morer is the correct opposite of lesser, look it up.)

Now think about how ridiculous it is that in a system that has seemed so rigged and impenetrable for years that you can this time actually vote for a Labour leader that seems to give a fuck about people. I struggle with a lot of Labours history and don't agree with everything Jeremy Corbyn says, but if you look at the policies he's suggesting they are a genuine alternative to the downwards spiral of weird nostalgic nationalism and corporate cronyism Theresa seems intent on forcing us into.

Your options are this, a Tory party that has swallowed so much of UKIPs attitudes that Kippers are switching to Mrs Mays party like rats up a Union Jack drain pipe. A Tory party that has cut the NHS, schools, social care, benefits to disabled people, benefits to single mothers, benefits to families that dare to have more than two kids. A party that makes rape survivors fill out a form to prove it. A party that cut support for fucking widows and widowers who have just lost their partner and now have to raise the kids on their own. A party that refuses to stop zero hour contracts because they make their employment figures look better. A party that has imposed such drastic pressure on privatised benefit workers that over 2,000 ill people have died a month after being declared "fit to work" by the DWP. A party that has stopped bursaries for nurses. A party that wants old people to pay for their own social care if they get dementia by forcing them to sell their houses bit by bit until they die in them. A party who's austerity measures have hit women three times as hard as any other group. A party that cut the police numbers by 20,000 despite the police constantly telling them this would put the public at risk. A party that wants to bring back fucking fox hunting.

Or you could vote for a Labour party that wants to take a bit more from those who can afford it most (who have made their money due to well funded infrastructure and public services as well as hard work) to help pay for the things that a fair and civilised society need. I'm not an idiot, the odds are stacked against him and if Jezza did manage to win I don't think he can just flip a switch and turn the UK into a eco friendly socialist utopia with no inequality or oppression or terrorism or sexism or racism or bigotry. But I am 100% sure that he would do less damage than Theresa the Demon Headmistress.

The other day the amazing writer and journalist George Monbiot said he'd prefer "gentle inefficiency to brutal efficiency." And I love that, the only problem I have with it is that I don't think Theresa May is efficient. She's consistently lied and backtracked on decisions, if you look at her voting record over the years it simply reflects whatever opinion her party seems to hold at the time, that tells me that she's unprincipled and power hungry.

People sometimes point to her changing of attitudes on gay rights as if they're proof of her progressive views, but she simply changed her voting stance alongside her party when it was dragged into the 21st century. Her website address is tmay.co.uk, which, for someone who spent so much of their early career voting against gay rights, ironically sounds a lot like a Ru Paul contestant's. So when my impeccably dressed editor asked me to write something about why it's important to use your vote, I thought I'd write a neutral thing saying that it doesn't matter which way you vote just use it because people fought for you to be able to (much more recently if you don't have a penis.) But if I said that I'd be lying, so in my opinion you should use your vote, and you should use it to vote for Labour.

Words by Dave Lunt

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