Dream Nails - Cookies 4 U


Having seen Dream Nails perform an amazing set last year to celebrate launching their EP ‘Dare To Care’, we were chuffed to see the Feminist Punk Witches - whose music we’re now well acquainted with - release a new video for the outrageously catchy Cookies 4 U.

A short and bittersweet track that’s ‘dedicated to the entitled men who do the bare minimum to support feminism and expect prizes’, this medley of colour, cakes and brutal sarcasm was made in collaboration with artist and filmmaker Becca Human

While colourful and playful in visual tone, the message behind this song is wonderfully blunt so not a word manages to get lost in translation. “I called you out, you didn’t like that” is perhaps the heaviest-hitting line for any guilty parties to endure, while also providing something of a warning to anybody only concerned about appearing to fight the good fight.

You don’t have to scream and shout to get a message across, nor record a lengthy monologue. This is an infectiously catchy listen that within two minutes hits home the notion that ongoing gender equality battles and social frustrations aren’t going to be helped or resolved by those looking to chip in looking for a quick reward and pat on the back. We dare you to try and get it out of your head!

Dream Nails are currently on tour! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more info and updates from the band.

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