Female Energy

New York based, Brazilian photographer Isabella Dias has embarked on a personal yet thought provoking project.

Through her lens' eye, she wanted to capture a group of inspiring, female individuals whilst asking - what does energy mean to you? "All the women chosen for this project have a unique voice, with the majority being activists or artists. I fell in love with the energy they had, therefore I wanted to capture them and their colours, and to get to know more about them. For me It is always magical to be surrounded by women, so I hope they inspire many more women to get in touch with their own personal energies and share them with one another." 

Lily Moraes - "The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about female energy, is the power of nature. I'm deeply connected to the stars. And every time something bad happens to me I search in them, they bring a peace that I cannot describe. And the rain is another element that eases me, as if it is cleaning my soul, giving me a sensation of renovation."

Rebeca Andrade - "It is crucial that women unite the unique energy that each of us creates, so that we can have more confidence in one another, and therefore be able to walk together in life. We all share the weights of the society we live in and this unity is what gives us the strength to face it. I believe our energies come from our minds as if they are a type frequency that guides us in our way of seeing and living in the world, this connection, then depends on the energies we attract, which therefore makes it crucial for us to emanate good vibrations in order to live with more safer and happier lives."

Clarice Carvalho 

Carla Carolina Fonseca - "I believe that female energy is something that is always growing and being recharged as we connect ourselves with one another and with nature. I also believe that female energy is related to a women's connection with her body, and with the different stages of our life. Being able to get in touch with our own feelings, accepting them and finding an inner way of making harmony with them."

Yasmin Pascoal - "When I think of energy I think about what people call the 'sacred feminine', which is an energetic force and also a phenomenon of nature that is as ancient as our existence on this planet. Ever since the animals that live in packs started to exist, there has been a mystery about females. In the beginning of the human evolution, the women were leaders, representantives of the Gods on Earth as they were the only ones that could generate life. I believe in a Goddess, which is mother nature, the energy that has created everything on this planet. Mother nature always existed even without humans, but we do not exist without her. I'm very sensitive to the energies around me. This affects my way of living, if I feel a heavy energy, the first thing I do is to look for a tree, soil or grass so that I can touch or feel it with my naked feet as the elements of nature have the power to balance and re-energise our chakras."

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