Intimacy Diaries

This series is taken from photographer Grace Jackson’s most recent work, 'Intimacy Diaries'
"Unlike our parents the majority of us aren’t marrying the first person we fall in love with, so how the hell do we believe that there is someone else, someone else to love unconditionally? We all crave to settle down, but none of us are ready to settle. We want fire in our bellies when we love."
Grace Jackson’s work is autobiographical, and used as a form of therapy after under going a major trauma, which she repressed and has since been diagnosed with PTSD. Her work looks into intimacy, loss and psychology is the backbone to her work.
Using analogue and alternative processes, as well as self printing in her darkroom, gives her the utter most control in every stage of developing her work. Her images vocalise her thoughts and feelings on issues that affect our society, and this means it's constantly changing just like the world around us. Jackson explores the fragility of the human body, and what it is like to be a twenty-something in a society that's constantly unaccepting and denying you of the truth.
View more of Grace Jackson's work here.

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