Headline Heartbeat



A term once politically foreign

Stung, our Western tongue.

A lifestyle calling on the divine,

Media robbed this and sold it as unkind.




 It’s funny how it’s said Muslim girl is most oppressed

When industry demands the head to be undressed.

When industry dictates what body look best.

Islam or patriarchy that got women supressed?




Is it truly feared?

Was Diana’s headdress not weird?

Media is the true disguise,

A cover up, so they dared.




Headline beats are followed,
It has a controversial affect.

Its words are swallowed

 and indirectly, all are suspect.






“There’s more Islamophobia on the streets”

But will not report global compassion in the mistreats.

Now many have clocked that headlines adds to heat,

Because separation has always been a headline heartbeat.


Illustration by Frances Cannon


Root stemmed South Asian

Blossoming subcontinent,

But brown is not in magazine

Brown feels resentment.


And you write of crystals,

Amethyst brings you luck,

Ayurveda brings you buck,

Yoga won't make you suck.


And you rob brown practices,

Brown is so cactus,

A fresh plant in your room but,

It’s what you acquired and the roots are cut.

Poems by Romy Khan.

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