Inspired by the theme of our latest issue, Joey Fourr gets a beating of the beauty kind. 
When I walk down the street I get quizzical looks, stupid questions,  grunts, double takes, friends nudging their friends to take a peek at me, people taking photos or videos on the tube, queries on my gender, people calling me names, all aggressive or micro-aggressive attempts at trying to wear me down, but they'll never succeed in doing so, it's just too much fun being myself.
I'm not to be responsible for dragging around the heaviness of their own unhappiness around my neck. They are jealous because they've been told we shouldn't draw too much attention to ourselves, we're supposed to blend into the background and fade away, why else is everyone dressed in grey? They are confused at not being able to understand the language I use to communicate.
But TBH whatever fight they wish to compete in I know they will lose, because I can take all their punches, because I am strong where they perceive me to be weak, and anyway, my face was already beat before I left the house.
Photography - Joanna Kiely
Boxer - Bella Podpadec 

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