Introducing...Dream Nails

Dream Nails are a band of punk witches, out to spellbind audiences with their infectious energy and excitable captivation. True to reputation, this feminist punk/riot grrrl foursome performed just as so at their recent launch for the new EP ‘Dare To Care’.

Following on from their appropriately titled debut EP ‘DIY’, everything about this band still embodies a true ‘do it yourself’ ethos. Unapologetically acknowledged during the set, Dare To Care was crowd-funded, the band aren’t signed to a label and they don’t have rich parents to rely on for help. At this point it seemed only relevant to point out with a proud giggle that the home made banner adorning the back of the stage had half-fallen down. A coincidence that the engaged crowd hadn’t even actually noticed in the midst of all the dancing and singing along to every lyric.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this was an amazing gig to witness and feel a part of. The band were evidently ecstatic to be coming full circle with Dare To Care, sharing the celebrations of their proud new release with the people that helped make it happen with a stream of songs old and new.

“It’s an important collection of energising songs about self-preservation and resilience under patriarchy!” describes Janey when summarising the new EP. Chuffed to pick up a CD copy on the night, the merger of this punk Coven’s collective talents speaks volumes when listening through. As each track presents itself refined, crisp and clear, every lyric becomes that little bit catchier and every guitar hook the more satisfying on every play. It’s obvious that this is a band who clearly care about what they’re producing musically as much as owning a platform to channel their understandable frustrations with political and social agendas.

With a fresh cauldron now ready to boil, we can’t wait to hear what’s next. For a further glimpse into what Dream Nails are all about, watch the video for Deep Heat here. A truly inspired track, channeling a hex on Donald Trump:

To listen and buy the Dare To Care (along with an incredible supporting zine about witches, feminist politics and self care) visit here 

For news on everything including upcoming tour dates (be sure to catch this lot live asap!), follow Dream Nails on Twitter and Insta.

Photography credit: Steph Jed

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