Intuition Comes Very Close to Clairvoyance

Intuition Comes Very Close to Clairvoyance
Whitney Bryan is a Photojournalism student and freelance writer based in England. Her latest project captures clairvoyant Maryam Hashemi at her home in London. 

In the threads of conversation that weave around Broadway Markets, L’eu à La Bouche, a girlish, yet husky voice utters. ”You know I actually find horror movies to be very therapeutic”. The voice belongs to Maryam Hashemi, the clairvoyant who (coincidentally on the day of Halloween) I happen to be meeting here for my project. Despite her slight frame, Maryam still seems to shine like a beacon across from me—wild, silvery hair frames her face like a halo and the deep plum cloak she dons almost makes her appear as if she’s floating rather than walking every time she stands to get us more tea. Her coral-coloured lips curve into a knowing smirk over the rim of her cup; despite the aroma of the many shelved spices rushing to my head, it’s in this moment that I get the vague feeling that even before she discovered her gift for the unknown, Maryam had always seemed to know something no one else does.

Originally hailing from Iran, at twenty-five, Maryam found herself in London, where, after working a number of odd jobs, she came across an usherette position for an amateur occult themed theatre production close to where she lived. It was here, she says with a sentimental glint in her eye, that she discovered her gift of clairvoyance. The discovery came in the form of a fellow sister: a striking, statuesque gypsy woman who would whisk audience members away and cover their eyes during readings. This isn't just where she unearthed her gift, but also her love of performance, which is used to it’s fullest calibre during her own readings, one enthusiastic client on her page describing it as: ”Like having a painting made of yourself”.It was after that awakening that she decided to pursue her calling full-time and since then she’s built up quite a following (bemusedly, she tells me I'm the third student who’s asked to document her practice just this week!).

Somehow (I like to think the stars were aligned for me that night) she manages to make time for me to document her practice that night. The next time we speak (this time through email) we discuss what her gift means to her, the future of the Occult and the femininity that lies within Clairvoyance.

So, how did you get into the realms of the Occult?

Since I was very young this world was exciting for me, but I always thought it was just superstition, so I enjoyed it mostly in works of fiction.

Do you ever feel burdened with your gift?

Not at all, I feel very blessed to have it.

Is Clairvoyance something that you use as a form of self-care yourself?

Yes indeed, I have been able to get the guidance that I need most of the time, but I too sometimes need to see another reader and get guidance from others when I'm feeling disconnected from myself.

How does it feel knowing people’s most innermost feelings and thoughts?

I always feel very honoured to connect to people in that way, especially when people come to me with their vulnerabilities and allow me to see them and trust me with it. Clairvoyance and Occult in general seems to be so much more accepted now than it was before.

What do you see for the future of it?

I am very excited about the future of it and can see people being able to use it as a tool for happiness, to connect and understand each other better. It's a perfect way of life for growth and understanding the self and the world around us and I think it should be everyone's right to be educated about it. For so long it has been hidden, but I believe its time for us to understand this knowledge, if only to strengthen our growth.

It also seems that Clairvoyance is a mostly female practice. Do you think femininity is linked somehow?

Yes, it can seem that way, but there are many male practitioners, of course for connecting to that realm you need the feminine aspect as well as male, but it seems the feminine energy is very powerful in connecting to the ‘Beyond’ as it has more flexibility and fluidity.

Overall, what does it mean to you to use your gift to help others?

I really do believe it's my duty and soul mission to do this and I have been guided to down this path ever since I discovered it.

To keep up to date with more of Whitney's work you can follow her here.

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