Next up in our Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 series we take a look at Lucy Marie's latest photo series entitled Masks.

"This series aims to portray the pressures the modern day world has on women and it's impact. Inspired by my own struggles with dysmorphia and self esteem, through combining both flowers and the female face, two substantial symbols of beauty are accentuated, complimenting each other however depicting what it is that ultimately women face, that being the unrealistic beauty standard they are pressured to conform to, and the mask they may hide behind concealing their true colours and qualities as a person. Women are no longer human however seen as these objects of beauty, with no real essence, their emotions completely stripped away from them, all whilst harbouring a negative viewpoint on their appearance. A very personal series to me, I wanted to highlight the relationship between mental health and confidence, or rather, the lack of. In a day and age where insecurity is prominent, to give young girls struggling with this a piece of work which they can align themselves to, was my ultimate goal."


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