My Stars Will Be Dead

My legs will open for you
The stars between my legs will shine for you,
I will eat salt for you
You kissed me first and then I sang for you
But darling, I need loving too
You left a daisy not knowing what to do
Then you ignored me, I was air
A wretched old mare
Regret you did, sure left a tear
You said to deny! Deny! Deny!
Roll your eyes and sigh
‘It never happened, I never made her fly.’
But you did, I was a river of glitter
Your touch was not bitter
Maybe, possibly, my heart did flitter
Never again, I ain’t got no heart honey
My insides have gone all funny
All I want to be is sunny
Sew my thighs together with golden fingertips
I’ve got abstaining lips
And lonely hips

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