Our Top Five 'More Life' Memes

Good morning, good afternoon, good night. I'm here to talk about More Life. Today marks a week since Drake released his sixth (we think) album, More Life. And if you're anything like me, you'll have listened to, thought about and discussed pretty much nothing else since. Who's the side girl with the screen cracked iPhone 5s? What were the drunk texts to J.Lo about? And how can you 'be' Blem? Shouldn't have Giggs or Skeppy pointed out that it's a ciggy? I wish I had the answers, but I do at least have the internet, which is probably better. Seeing as though I've spent an embarrassing amount of time sending these videos/memes to everyone I know, I thought I may as well share my finds with y'all too.


@sarandreasson One of our fave illustrators, this visually sums up me at my desk listening to More Life through my earphones and feeling spiritually enlightened. 


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@darlingbhuman Purveyors of the finest unofficial Drake merch, it was hard to just chose one from this account’s selection. But the mop really swung it. 


@pigsandplans Did you ever think you would hear a flute feature alongside Travis Scott and Quavo?


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@warmzn Or Gyaldon. Or Gothengyal. Applicable almost anywhere TBH. 


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This is visually sums up the sensation I experienced when I first listened to Passionfruit. I wish I could go back in time and listen to it again so I could appreciate it more. So. Many. Feelz.

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