Sister Meets...Haiku Hands

We meet up with Australia’s favourite collective Haiku Hands, who have been branded one of the most exciting emerging pop / hip hop acts of the moment, and have already taken Australia by storm. We chat to Claire while they're in the UK on their headline tour.
How did Haiku Hands come to form as an artist collection?
We're like minded artists, people & have similar musical taste alliances. Beatrice and I met at a festival where I was performing, and realised we had a mutual friend in Joel Ma. We all started writing together and then Mie my sister joined too, first as part of the live show and then creatively.
How would you describe the sound of Haiku Hands to anybody who may not have listened to you before?
Energetic, fun, playful, colourful.
Your new track ‘Squat' is all about trying to "let anxieties go and getting the fuck down". Just how important do you think advocating this attitude is in 2018!?
Just a good reminder not to take yourself too seriously and prioritise enjoying yourself - I feel like we can all do with this kind of reminder! Instead of being driven by external pressures and internalised expectations. 
"Just a good reminder not to take yourself too seriously and prioritise enjoying yourself"
This fantastic collaboration between Haiku Hands and True Vibenation came about from a chance meeting and agreement to develop something that TV had already started - proving that there’s so much to gain from the acknowledgment of shared talents and a willingness to collaborate with others - is this something you hope to continue doing as your catalogue builds?
Yes definitely. Haiku Hands is built on collaboration, everyone bring their particular skills, vibe or contribution. We’re really excited to keep working with other artists we trust and love.
The track is beyond infectious and the production value sounds flawless. How did the balance of work flow when it came to developing the foundations of what True Vibenation had already conjured?
Vuli had created the beat, which I saw when he was DJing at a warehouse party. We ended up negotiating a deal to collaborate by signing the back of an art print, stating "we will make the world get low"
Squat also carries such a strong message. Is this one for the fans to just revel in when they hear it, as much as it was a keen creative project for yourselves to undertake?
When I first heard Squat I loved it straight away and having played it live and watched people enjoy it we just wanted to record it and get it out to the people. I think it speaks to a sentiment that everyone can relate to.
You’re touring in Australia with the mighty Bloc Party in November which will allow you to continue reaching audience across your homeland, but should help you reach a wider British audience. How pumped are you to perform with those guys who have been such an influence within UK music over the last decade?
So many of our friends have been so excited for us that we’re playing with this iconic band! It feels like an honour and the venues will also be some of the largest indoor spaces we would have played yet. 
How excited are you to be playing across Europe over the next couple of months?
It’s such an amazing opportunity to have shows to play at in Europe and the UK - I’m especially excited about playing at Iceland airwaves at the end of the tour!
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