Sister Meets...Lydia Greenwood

We had quick a chat with visual artist Lydia Greenwood all about the internet, body confidence and art. We also took a sneak peek inside her brand new zine 'Wtf r u even doing with ur life?' which explores the URL side to IRL.

Hey Lydia! Please can you tell us a little bit about who you are, and what you do?

I'm a 23 year old visual artist, most of the work I do is online. I alternate between the UK and Channel Islands, and I'm currently making a brand called Peach Melba!

Your IG bio reads "An account basically 2 make my confidence better and 2 feed my ego on a journey thru self love" Is confidence something you have struggled with, and how has the internet had an impact on that?

Yeah I did for a while, and have struggled with low self esteem in the past. I'm not 100% there yet which is SO ANNOYING cos I've worked really hard but I'm nearly there. I think Instagram is a good way for me to try and accept myself for who I am and I can just be whoever I want to be. It's so scary though cos if people unfollow me or don't like my pictures as much as my other conventionally pretty ones, I freak out? And always want to just delete my social media? But really I don't care it's just the internet, but I feel like it can sometimes have that effect on people!

Can you tell us about your new zine, and why you decided to make it? Is it the first one you've made, and if so, are you planning to make more?

My zine is called "Wtf r u even doing with your life." It's an A5 zine printed on high quality 130GSM silk paper with 16 pages. It's basically about my personal life on the internet. It includes a few messages people have sent me online to try and uplift my mood and to reassure me. Hopefully whoever buys it can either laugh, or actually take the advice that people have given me and allow it to help them. It's funny cos my friend has said "Can we talk over the phone or whatever, because otherwise I'm scared whatever I say will be put in one of your pieces/zines." Of course I'll ask people before hand if I'm going to include them in something I'm doing! I'm not sure if I'll be making anymore after this one, depends on how well it sells. I'm probably going to concentrate more on Peach Melba because I'm soooooo excited for it. Anyway you can buy it here.

What do you think of the current zine scene, do you have any favourites? Why do you think it's such a widespread format in our digital age?

To be HONEST this is so bad but I've only ever owned two zines in my entire life. One of them I was included in called Bunny Mag, the other I got as a birthday present from my girlfriend which I wanted for a while called Like Like by Amelia Soto. I really enjoyed that, it was so good. Plus the proceeds went to a charity I'm passionate about. I went to a few galleries this winter. I was in New York for a while, went to MOMA and all the other galleries - I thought they were totally crap. I went to Lisbon and Oslo and they were all shit there too. I left feeling so uninspired! Galleries just don't seem to interest me anymore. I find people and posts on the internet are more inspiring at the moment.  
What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Haha! Good question! Probably something like to just be myself, body positivity quotes, etc. Best advice is to put cheese on beans or gravy on chips n cheese tbh...

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