Sister Stockists Series #2 - Magalleria Bath

Continuing from last week, we chat to Libby from Magalleria in Bath.

Can you describe Magalleria and its surrounding area to someone who has never been there before?

Magalleria is a haven for independent magazines in the heart of honey-hued, spa town, Bath. We’ve got rolling green hills, cultural heritage to make you swoon and more Georgian buildings you can doff your cap at. Jane Austen herself despised it. If you were to cut Bath, it would bleed coffee, but it is undeniably beautiful.

What's your favourite thing about working at Magalleria?

I love Magalleria’s abundance of titles and how its stock is ever shifting with the tide. It’s a fast-paced business, with new magazines coming in almost daily. It instils a real sense of presence and enthusiasm. You can practically see the independent magazine industry living and breathing in front of you. As a freelance writer, it has also been a great opportunity to refine my skills, find new magazines to submit to and make connections. I owe more than I can say to this place.

Libby & Dog Alfie.

In such a heavily digital age, why do you think having a store stocking the printed word is so important?

There’s an effortless immediacy of information nowadays which is becoming subconsciously repellent to people, especially those of a creative disposition. A lot of our regulars are artists, writers, graphic designers and photographers, who relish in their variety of creativity displayed. It reassures and inspires them. Picking up something physical is like speaking to your subconscious, ‘Now is the time to focus.’ I think there’s a primal appreciation in tactile things, too, which allows you to be more responsive to creative stimuli.

We recently launched The Sad Issue, which you stock. What's your favourite part of this issue?

‘Grief on Board’ by Megan Conery resonated with me, as my mum died nearly two years ago, very suddenly and due to cancer, too. It’s so refreshing to have someone speak about grief and loss in an uncensored way, which doesn’t shy from how truly shitty the whole ordeal is.

As this is the sad issue, what is currently making you sad?

Accepting I’m still grieving.

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