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Albertha Bond


Want to be Instagram cool?

Well, today I’m going to teach you some things that will change forever the way you Instagram.

Picture this: You wake up early Friday, even before your alarm buzzes.

Roll over, check your cell.

Opening up Instagram.

Wow, you think, Over 800 likes on one picture.

You rise out of the warmth of your bed, stalk to the kitchen. You want a drink, so you put the kettle on for some tea, and check Instagram again.

Bam! Another 63 likes.

Buzz—a message pops into your inbox from a follower. They’re asking you for advice on how you manage your food, and are congratulating you on your third month of hitting the gym.

The kettle blows and you pour your tea. When you flip out your phone, there is another message—this time from a young girl—thanking you for posting. She follows you religiously and your’e an inspiration.

As you sip your tea, you start typing up a response. But then your cell buzzes.

Hmmm, ANOTHER message. You close your cell and throw it in the bag. Time for the gym.
Anyways, you get the point. This is the life of an Instagram celebrity. I should know, because I’ve made many of them.

My job is to take people from Instagram no one to Insta-celebrity. (It sounds ridiculous, but results do not lie.)

Imagine if you increased your engagement by 100%, or 1000%?

It is not difficult to do, although almost no one does. Just hit up our website. There, you’ll learn how to garner Instagram likes and followers like mad…without even trying.

Automagically see tons of likes on your images just minutes after posting.

With this you have a big chance to be featured in the “Top Post” section.

And because we love you, we made testing things out as simple as kitchen-cooled apple crumble:
1. Click https://brightjam.casa
2. Plug your Instagram username.
3. Your three most recent uploads will get 10 – 15 likes. Just like that.

Hitting the Top Post page will 10X your Instafame. But you’ve got to do more than just want it—you’ve got to do something about it. Are you willing?

Happy image-uploading.

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