Tatty Devine x Venus Libido

Tatty Devine x Venus Libido

We’ve all read old school features on ‘essential accessories’ and what they can offer us. Think large handbags to make you look smaller, or nude heels to lengthen your legs (L, and we cannot stress this enough, O L). Yet during lockdown, when you’re much less likely to be spotted sporting the latest must-have item, is it time we re-examined essential accessories? Is it time we moved away from seasonal accessory trends and placed the 'essential’ status on items that make us feel good, genuinely good, about ourselves? We think so.

A collection that promises to boost the confidence of all who don their jewellery is the Tatty Devine x Venus Libido collab. Inspired by the work of The Young Women’s Trust, each of the eleven pieces have been designed to empower through positive affirmations and bold imagery. 'Yes I Can', 'You Are Enough', 'Trust In Women' – these messages are embossed onto the selection of necklaces and earrings. When worn, individuals will be able to see the comments that we should all be saying to ourselves reflected back in the mirror.

Is it time we moved away from seasonal accessory trends and placed the ‘essential’ status on items that make us feel good, genuinely good, about ourselves?

As if that wasn’t enough, £3 from every piece sold will be donated to the The Young Women’s Trust. COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on gender equality; women are losing their jobs in far greater numbers than men and taking on extra unpaid responsibilities, such as childcare and homeschooling. The trust is providing essential support to women through this crisis, attempting to restore the confidence that so many have lost. If supporting such an important cause doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, what will?

To understand more about the collection, what it stands for and how it came to be, we spoke to its co-creator, illustrator and long time friend of Sister, Venus Libido.

Sister Magazine: Hi Venus. Can you tell us the story behind the collection?   

Venus Libido: I’ve been an ambassador for the Young Women's Trust for well over a year now, so when I was approached by Tatty Devine to help create a collection of jewellery that would support the charity I had to say yes. I was excited to have my drawings come to life and support something I really believe in. Tatty and the charity asked me to create some drawings that reflected their ethos, using words like ‘activism’ and ‘bravery’ as well as phrases like ‘trust in women’. 

Allyship necklace modelled by Nyome Nicholas-Williams

SM: Can you tell us a bit about the design of the items? Where did you get your inspiration from?  

VL: The design of the pieces came directly from the charity itself and what it represents. My favourite pieces of the collection are the earrings that say 'Making Waves and Moving Galaxies'. They are all about remembering that you can achieve your dreams and do anything if you put your mind to it.

Venus wearing the 'Yes I Can' Necklace

SM: What has it been like collaborating with Tatty Devine? 

VL: It's been a real dream to be able to work with Tatty Devine, and also to work with a charity more closely. Like I said, I've been an ambassador for them for well over a year now, helping them spread the word about their campaigns and to raise money. To be able to do something on a bigger scale, with a brand that has been around for so many years has been a dream come true for me. Especially to have someone bring my drawings to life, it was really, really exciting to see. 

'Moving & Making' Necklace modelled by Nyome Nicholas-Williams

SM: Most of the pieces have a message or an affirmation incorporated into the design, why did you choose to include these alongside your illustrations? And have you got a favourite affirmation?  

VL: It was really important to all of us involved that each piece had some kind of positive affirmation behind it. We want whoever is wearing a piece or being given one as a gift to feel good about themselves, to be reminded that they can achieve their dreams and we are all in this together. 

Venus wearing 'You Are Enough' brooch

SM: You’ve decided to debut the collection with an auction and donate a percentage of all subsequent sales to the Young Women’s Trust, can you tell us about this decision? 

Because the work they do is fantastic! The proceeds will go towards helping young women in low or no pay, smashing career stereotypes, unlocking young women's potential, helping with their CVs and getting work, as well as making work spaces safer for everyone. 

'Yes I Can' earrings modelled by Nyome Nicholas-Williams

SM: Have you got any upcoming projects/ideas you’d like to share with us?

I have a couple of illustration things coming up, which I can’t really talk about yet! In terms of what I can talk about, it's all very COVID-19 dependent of course, but I am working on 'Private Parts II'. I also have my podcast, called the TLC podcast, on Instagram with my friend Natalie Byrne. We have lots of amazing guests this season, and we talk about many different things including mental health, periods, sexual wellness and books coming out. We're currently on season 4, and you can find all the episodes on Apple podcasts. Go check it out! Apart from that, I’ll be continuing to support the charity, and hopefully inspiring people to go and buy some of the pieces.

Shop Tatty Devine x Venus Libido here, and follow Venus here

Article By Georgia Healey

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