The Best Girls Moments, According To Us

As this week saw a close to Lena Dunham's sixth and final season of Girls, we decided to take a look back at our favourite bits from the past five years. We know the show wasn't perfect, and has been (rightly) criticised for it's lack of diversity, it's simple characterisation of women, and the fact that it's permanently referred to as feminist for no apparent reason, but we can't deny there've been some relatable and LOL moments. Haven't we all danced in our room to Robyn, swapped our top for a neon string vest at a rave, and flashed our boss?
1. When Elijah tells Hannah in Season 1, Episode 3 what we now all know.
2. Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own' in Season 1, Episode 3.
3. Season 1, Episode 4 "I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me."
4. Season 2, Episode 3 "It's a Wednesday night baby and I'm alive!" 
5. Marnie singing Kanye's 'Stronger' at the office party, Season 2, Episode 9.
6. Hannah having an intense two day affair with Patrick Wilson in Season 2, Episode 5. Him then coming back in Season 6 to tell her that she's pregnant. 
7. Hannah having a deadline related break down in Season 2, Episode 9, and Adam racing across New York to be with her while on FaceTime. 
 8. Marnie's music video going viral in Season 3, Episode 3. 
9. Hannah moving to Iowa in Season 4, Episode 2 and Elijah turning up which ends with Hannah wrestling in a paddling pool of blue paint at a college party. 
10. The whole time Soshanna is in Japan in Season 5.
11. Season 5, Episode 7 with Hannah flashing her vag a la Basic Instinct. 
12. Everything about Elijah in Season 6, Episode 7 auditioning for White Men Can't Jump.


13. Just anything with Elijah ever?

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