About Us

Welcome to Sister! We are a bi-annual, independent and feminist publication. Founded in 2012, our focus has always been on female talent, opinion and culture. Our core value is that all issues are women’s issues, and that by providing a platform for them to be discussed, together we will achieve concrete change.
Founding Editor In Chief
The Sister Team
I’d like to submit something to Sister. How do I do that?
Great, we love submissions. Please send your pitches, articles or photo shoots for print to beccy@sistermagazine.co.uk and anything for online to rosie@sistermagazine.co.uk. If we don’t think it’s suitable, please don’t take it personally! It’s also worth noting that every issue has a theme, so please check what it is before getting in touch.
I'm interested in advertising with Sister, online or in print. Who can I speak to?
Please email beccy@sistermagazine.co.uk with all advertising enquiries. 

Would you please review my music/performance art/event/product?
Yes, of course. Please send any music review requests to james@sistermagazine.co.uk, and everything else to beccy@sistermagazine.co.uk

Can I be a Sister intern?
We aren’t looking for interns at the moment, as we don’t have an office space and simply wouldn’t be able to facilitate you :( However, we always need an extra pair of hands at the events we put on - so keep your eyes peeled for our social media call outs!

I’m doing a university project and would love to talk to you about Sister.
Please email beccy@sistermagazine.co.uk as she'll be more than happy to help.
I would like to stock Sister in my shop/gallery/cafe/wherever. Who do I speak to?
Great, we're always looking for new stockists all over the world. Please email laura@sistermagazine.co.uk with all your stockist enquiries.

If you have any other questions, please email info@sistermagazine.co.uk <3